Youth Life Coaching

As an Occupational Therapist, Dr. Fay strives to help youth to discover the tools to create and meet their life goals. She provides each of my clients with the respect they deserve and the autonomy to make their own choices.

My professional goal is to help all my clients create positive change in their lives, and provide empathy, and guidance on how to develop and meet their established short-term and long-term goals.

As a youth life coach, I strive to help my clients learn and apply the coaching strategies of dealing with life stressors and to build up their self-confidence, resilience, independence and internal awareness of their own strengths, interests, and values; in real-life contexts and applications.

How does Youth coaching work?

Occupational Therapy sessions are weekly, hour-long either virtual or in-person. Together we work on determining the areas of their life that are fulfilled and where could things be better.

I coach/mentor youth Adolescence which is the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, from ages 10 to 19. I also coach young adults in their 20's.

What packages are offered?

Families can select from two different coaching opportunities:

Wholistic Occupational Therapy coaching, where together we start from scratch, discovering the client as a whole and determining where my clients are comfortable in life and where they would like to see things improved. Once these areas have been established, we create action plans to the positive improvements and growth to achieve their life goals and wellness in mind, body, and soul. Together, we explore their personal values, meaning, strengths, personality mindset, and areas that can benefit improvement. We apply these critical background particulars to create an individualized plan or action for getting through the blocks or simply improve on where they currently are to reach for their personal dreams and vision of success.

Coaching packages include several sessions focusing on issues that teens often may have difficulties with. These include:

Anxiety Coping: During recent years with the rapidly changing times, adolescent anxiety rates are increasingly higher. Teens are burdened with social media, academic achievements, social/family relationships, etc. This area of coaching will focus on the areas of establishing critical coping mechanisms in order to learn to navigate different life events with ease and keep self-awareness.

Academics: After understanding what may be the areas needed for improvement, we can begin to establish academic goals and determine how these specific goals can be both measurable via outcome and are personally meaningful. The meaningful component is important is how we establish motivation to propel the student to work on areas that need improvement and do try to understand what approaches to learning have not been working. This approach helps the student improve by understanding their learning style in order to optimize their learning experiences in and out of the classroom. Gathering from the student’s personal strengths and existing academic resources, together we implement a personalized plan for academic success.

University/Trade Schools & Vocational Coaching: There are many adolescents and young adults who feel unsure about their vocational directions. This is both healthy and normal thus, should not be frowned upon. Not one single person has it all figured out! I work with students, parents, and teachers in supporting each client to closer identify their strengths and areas of interest in effort to coach them to work towards achieving their goals and taking the next steps. Together we explore career options and look into all the educational options that can support strengths and vocational interests.

Personal Life Exploration & Coaching: This area of life coaching is unique for clients who would benefit from the external support of a qualified professional who can help the client to understand/explore who they are, what they are interested in, what they can see themselves doing professionally, to help each client determine what may be their purpose in life, and what brings the most meaning and passion. We identify skills, aptitudes, and abilities. We also determine areas that may be considered a weakness, and much more. I utilize a combination of standardized and non-standardized assessments and holistic coaching strategies to strengthen the client's self-exploration, appreciation, and direction.

**Life Coaching Intensives

This is a unique program that requires extra professional intervention.

Coaching Intensives are a combination of both live in-person coaching sessions and remote sessions, typically lasting 1-2 months 1-2x/week.

There are a series of extended sessions that truly emphasize the person as a whole in order to get to the root of the client's concerns/struggles. Coaching sessions look at all the aforementioned areas above with a deeper connection to self-awareness and reflection in order to work towards positive shifts in one's life. My clients will receive ongoing support through sessions in addition to phone and email coaching during the intensive coaching period booked.

Clients will work towards…

  • Identifying what are the most desired areas in their lives that they most would like to shift and the steps necessary to make it happen.
  • What could be presently thwarting one from achieving their desired goals.
  • Strategies provided to overcome things that are hindering one from achieving/setting goals.

For a detailed description of how coaching intensives work, contact Fay Gersh, at