Emotional Intelligence

New Thrapy Solutions is Now offering Telehealth Occupational Therapy which can be conducted in the following ways:

  • Live video
  • Telephone Conversation

How Online Therapy Works

Personal, Live Connection

As with traditional in-person therapy, online Occupational Therapy enables youth populations to visit with same therapist each week on a private secure online platform, in which the Occupational Therapist will initiate the live video and/or call. Through online therapy sessions, The Therapist delivers learning experiences that are highly engaging and proven to drive success. Our Occupational Therapist will create a unique and modern learning environment using online tools that are both exciting and different from a child's regular day-to-day activities. Today’s generation of children were born in the electronic era - technology is their comfort zone! With this in mind, it is no surprise that both children and therapists agree that the technology behind online therapy becomes invisible, allowing the development of personal connections. THIS is the magic of online therapy!

How OT Works To Help Build EI

Emotional intelligence in children is a skill that takes practice, understanding, & patience in order for EI to develop. Emotional intelligence is an ongoing important life skill that effects social-emotional skills, relationships, and functioning in life activities of daily living also known as occupations.

Our skilled Occupational Therapist will aim to help build the necessary skills youth require by working with the child in a private setting either at the child's school, at home, or at our Clinic; so they will be as comfortable as possible and be more receptive to the techniques and strategies delivered during the 1:1 therapy time.

In our ever-changing world, intelligence quotient or Emotional IQ is no longer the only benchmark for measuring children’s potential and predicting how well they would achieve at school and in life.

The OT will address:

  • Being solely book smart to navigate the rather complex rapidly evolving world that they are growing up in will not suffice.
  • Emotional Intelligence is a skill necessary for achieving success in the world.
  • Provide training/education on the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and to understand the emotions of those around you.
  • The domains of Emotional Intelligence: are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. The domains are further broken down into twelve competencies and learnable skills that are relevant to the specific domain.
A wide range of strategies tailored to each child’s particular challenges will be explored and developed together with a client-centered approach. We realize that every child is different therefore no program is ever executed in the same way. Over time we strive for results in social, emotional and academic benefits. This helps to increase confidence and reduce frustration.

For more information on how we can help with emotional intelligence development, please Contact Us