Telepractice in Occupational Therapy and What is telehealth? Telehealth refers to medical services provided over a technology platform. Pretty much any form of medical care delivered via technology vs. in-person means can be considered telehealth.

Telehealth can be conducted in the following ways:

  • Live video
  • Telephone Conversation
  • Transmitting Home Exercise Programs electronically

The Primary Goal of Pediatric Occupational Therapy is to help your child interact with his or her environment and peers, achieving independence in areas such as playing, learning, and self-care.

What are the Benefits of Occupational Therapy?

There are a number of common goals targeted within Occupational Therapy:

  • Filtering out extra stimuli to focus on classroom lessons
  • Cognition: problem-solving, attention, processing speed, memory, and comprehension
  • Hand-eye coordination (writing on the blackboard, throwing, and catching a ball, etc.)
  • Fine-motor skills (handwriting, typing on a keyboard, opening a milk carton, etc.)
  • Gross-motor skills (large muscles used for running/jumping/kicking)
  • Grasping and manipulating tools such as pencils, scissors, rulers, fork, and knife
  • Using and maintaining appropriate hygiene
  • Interacting and engaging with peers in an age-appropriate manner
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Managing inattention and impulses to ensure participation in school experiences

How Online Therapy Works

Personal, Live Connection

As with traditional in-person therapy, online occupational therapy enables children to visit with same therapist each week on a private secure online platform, in which the therapist will initiate the live video and/or call. Through online therapy sessions, The Occupational Therapist delivers learning experiences that are highly engaging and proven to drive success. Our Occupational Therapists create a unique and modern learning environment using online tools that are both exciting and different from a child's regular day-to-day activities. Today’s generation of children were born in the electronic era - technology is their comfort zone! With this in mind, it is no surprise that both children and therapists agree that the technology behind online therapy becomes invisible, allowing the development of personal connections. THIS is the magic of online therapy!

OT Telepractice Extra’s

In addition to therapy sessions, each child will receive:

  • Customized reports detailing progress after each session
  • Online backpack activities to practice skills between sessions

These little extras result in greater, faster goal-oriented gains for the child and family with empowerment to thrive in life's daily activities.

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