Residential and Group Home Occupational Therapy Services

OT intervention and support within the Residential and Group Home Program setting, focuses on helping clients and their caregivers to develop and implement daily routines, foster life skill development, developing compensatory strategies for self-care to promote independent living, addressing and managing any behavioural challenges, assess and manage any sensory issues, explore and develop skills for productivity/work, recommendations for environment modification and assisstive devices prescription.

OT intervention is client-centered aimed to support a happy, meaningful and independent life. Please see the Life Care Plan service for comprehensive description of service vital for determining future cost of care.

Occupational Therapy Services:

  • Free 15 minute telephone consultation
  • Initial consultation Comprehensive Assessment Report
  • Life Care Plan/Future Cost of Care
  • Individualized OT Intervention Plan (including home program)
  • Implementing client specific goals and behaviour programs:
    • Sensory Diet Development and Staff Training
    • ADL Training Program
    • *IADL and Community Training Program: Development and Training and Community Training Program: Development and Training.

What is IADL? *INSTRUMENTAL ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING (IADL) include but are not limited to: Preparing food, Managing money, Shopping Cleaning house, Doing laundry, Accessing public transportation, Using the telephone, Gardening, Doing minor home repairs, and Managing medications.