Psycho-Educational Assessment

What Is A Psycho-Educational Assessment?

If your child is identified as a student who is struggling in the classroom setting, a request may be made by the school to you to have your son or daughter “assessed”. This often comes as a surprise to the parents unless there have been indications in the annual school report card that the student is experiencing some sort of difficulty at school. What, in essence, the school is saying is that they want to help your child to develop strategies to overcome these challenges. In order to do this, the school needs to know the “baseline” for the student.

One of the ways to do this is through a psycho-educational assessment. This is a series of tests which produces a “profile”, or picture, of where your child has reached in terms of his or her intellectual, academic and social-emotional development. These tests are based on the answers from a “typical” group of same aged students as your son or daughter.

The Plan of Action

The results of these tests are used to create a comprehensive plan of action to improve your child’s functioning in the classroom setting. Involvement, patience and encouragement from both the student’s family and teachers are fundamental for the successful execution of this plan.

Why Choose Us?

The Lipsey Learn approach partnered with the Team at New Therapy Solutions is oriented to assess the student in the home and school setting as we believe that both communication and collaboration between the two settings is paramount for the success of your child’s educational journey.

Clear Assessments

Clear Assessments

When psycho-educational testing is required, we will ensure that the results of this assessment are conveyed to the parents in a format that makes it clear what steps are required, and by whom, in order to improve your child’s situation.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Upon request, we research and recommend resources that the student’s teacher could utilize in the classroom in order to improve the learning outcomes for your child. We develop strategies in collaboration with the parents, or similar caregivers, to encourage good learning habits in their child. If necessary, we instruct the parents in advocacy skills so that there is a more effective and long-lasting outcome in this process.

Trans-disciplinary Approach

Trans-disciplinary Approach

We utilize a “trans-disciplinary” approach to the situation and incorporate the expertise of various professionals including behavioural specialists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, art therapists, social workers and psychometrists.

About Tony Lipsey

Tony Lipsey Psycho-Educational Consultant that has been active in the field of education for many years. He has a Master’s degree in School and Clinical Child Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Education. He did his psycho-educational training at the Institute for Child Study, which has now become part of OISE at the University of Toronto. He has spent many years in higher education in Canada, as both a lecturer and administrator, and he also has international experience in teaching and school management from both Australia and Israel.

Psychological Fees and Insurance

Psychological services are not covered by OHIP. However, many clients have extended health benefits such as employee and private health insurance plans, which offer full or partial coverage for services provided or supervised by a registered psychologist.

Additionally, psychological services that are not covered by extended insurance plans is a tax-deductible medical expense.