Workplace Mental Health & Wellness Consulting

There is a growing body of research which reveals that companies that promote and protect workers' health are among the most successful and competitive around the world. Workplaces that actively engage employees in all aspects of health, safety and environmental issues and positively respond to their opinions, views and concerns create a strong foundational base for success. Employers are able to maximize motivation, engagement and creativity of their employees when they know what needs to be done, and when they are in an environment that actively addresses their health and wellbeing. Promoting employee health is a smart business move. Employers who invest in their workers’ physical and mental health reap a range of profit-boosting benefits.


Occupational Therapists (OTs) are health care professionals who work with individuals or organizations to enable function and promote engagement in meaningful, purposeful lives. To an OT, occupation does not just mean "work", but rather any meaningful activity. For example, occupations include daily tasks such as attending work meetings either in-person or remote, using a computer, being productive at work. Our OT at New Therapy Solutions works in a variety of areas within the workplace to best support clients and employers as needed.

Our OT will work with clients to:

  • Identify meaningful, functional goals
  • Assess client needs, barriers, strengths, interests, and values to gain a holistic understanding
  • Recommend and implement strategies to enable change and teach valuable skills
  • Improve understanding about the impact of physical and mental health
  • Address barriers at the individual and organizational levels that impact the people, the environment and the occupations
  • Evaluate ongoing change and progress

Occupational therapy frameworks are embedded in various theories. The Person-Environment-Occupation (PEO) Model demonstrates the interconnections of a person, their environment and their occupation. In order to enable occupations, an occupational therapist considers all the overlapping factors in each category.

This holistic view allows occupational therapists to be well suited to enable change with any person, for any occupation, in any environment. Thus, occupational therapists are well positioned to enable change in workplace mental health.

PEO Model (Law M, Cooper B, Strong S, Stewart D, Rigby P, Letts L., 1996).

Ergonomic and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Risk Assessments

Do you have a work process, job task, or workstation that requires improvement? Have you been ordered by the Ministry of Labour to improve the ergonomics in your workplace? Do you want to minimize workplace injuries and be an industry leader? If so, we recommend conducting an Ergonomic Risk Assessment.

New Therapy Solutions Ergonomic Risk Assessments include:

  • A comprehensive onsite review of the workstation, job tasks, work process and work environment.
  • A team approach – we work with your employees, supervisors, designers and engineers to ensure the root cause of any issue is identified and addressed and appropriate solutions are outlined.
  • A hazard analysis that outlines the likely cause of hazards that were identified.
  • A risk ranking that compares hazards to ergonomic guidelines to determine what work parameters are above ergonomic guidelines.
  • A Comprehensive Written Recommendation Report that includes critical work method options for job improvement and injury prevention.
  • Prioritization of controls for injury reduction potential, cost and productivity.

Our Ergonomic Specialist will educate the employee on proper workstation set up and best work methods. A detailed findings and recommendation report, that fulfills insurance and Ministry expectation, is completed.

When is this type of assessment recommended?

This service is recommended for any employee suffering from discomfort, off work as a result of an injury or having challenges while working at their workstation.

Our Team provides low cost high impact solutions!


Return To Work


This Occupational Therapy treatment program is a modifiable work/return to work focused treatment. New Therapy Solutions includes specialized assessments and therapeutic client-centered techniques to ascertain and identify return to work barriers.

During initial intake, our RTW experienced Occupational Therapist will determine if an assessment is required and will have the client complete questionnaires and standardized tests to gather baseline mental status and functioning with a specific goal of identifying functional work-related occupational performance capacity.

A clinical interview is conducted to identify psychosocial deficits - involving both psychological and social aspects of the individual’s mental health. In addition, the OT will address cognitive and behavioural concerns. The objective is to ascertain the current discrepancy between job performance requirements and occupational functioning. Often times there is a presence of work situational factors that maybe thwarting a client from returning to work; this to is addressed during the clinical interview and implemented in the RTW goal planning.

Clients can begin the program subsequent to initial OT clinical assessment.

For more information about the Return to Work Program, please contact our Occupational Therapist, Fay Gershgorin, MSc. (OT), MBA, OT Reg. (Ont.).




New Therapy Solutions can conduct a needs analysis of your workplace to understand the corporate culture and factors affecting mental health in your organization. To conduct this needs analysis, New Therapy Solutions completes the following:

Employee interviews – One-on-one sessions conducted by our occupational therapist to understand employee needs, likes, dislikes, thoughts on current workplace initiatives, and other information from employees at all levels of the organization. Interviews can be conducted in small groups if that suits the organization.

Data review – Review data from short-term disability, long-term disability, employee assistance programs, benefits, and other sources, to understand the state of mental health in the workplace.

Clinical observations – By being immersed in the workplace, New Therapy Solutions uses clinical observations to get a sense of corporate climate/culture.


Based on the identified needs analysis, best practice research evidence-based research, and clinical knowledge as occupational therapist coupled with MBA business experience working with a diverse range of North American corporations; New Therapy Solutions will provide customized recommendations to help improve the state of mental health & wellness in the workplace. Recommendations can be presented in person, provided in a report, or both.


New Therapy Solutions can provide as needed or ongoing support to implement the recommendations provided. Implementation strategies vary based on assessment. Quantitative and qualitative measurements tools will be used to track changes over time and provide insights into progress made.


New Therapy Solutions can provide ongoing support to organizations as they move through the implementation phases, and for ongoing evaluation and re-evaluations to ensure initiatives are continuing to meet the changing needs of the organization.

New Therapy Solutions can provide ongoing support to organizations as they move through the implementation phases, and for ongoing evaluation and re-evaluations to ensure initiatives are continuing to meet the changing needs of the organization.

Interested in learning more? Please Contact Your OT Fay for more information.

Workplace Mental Health Policy

Workplace Mental Health Policy

Having a workplace policy that explicitly addresses mental health and wellness demonstrates an organizations commitment to employee well-being, productivity, and retention. New Therapy Solutions is able to work with your company to enhance already existing wellness policies to be more focused on mental health, or create new policies to demonstrate your attention to this important area.



​New Therapy Solutions strongly believes in the correlation between physical and mental health well-being.

Our Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy team, conducts individual and/or office-wide ergonomic assessments to ensure a healthy and safe physical work environment. New Therapy Solutions is able to provide recommendations for equipment or providing advice as to proper work stations modifications to meet individual or office-wide needs. Additionally, we can provide educational sessions on the importance of safe ergonomics and proper body mechanics at work with the overarching goal of injury prevention.