Vocational Counselling

There are few things in life as important as getting an education that suits your talents and interests and choosing a right career path. Our trained clinical team can help make a right decision.


Ideal ages: 16+


Our centre/Team uses the Multimodal career counselling system (MCCS). The Session includes a 60-minute interactive work session with a occupational therapist consultant, completion of several questionnaires in-person or remote, as well our Occupational Therapist works on analysis, scoring, interpretation, and guidance for next stepp planning and support services. The student and his/her parents are then invited for a feedback session where the results will be presented to them and options will be discussed.

Why The NTS Method is Unique?

Unlike other career counseling services (e.g. school or employment counselling) which typically use one standard test, New Therapy Solutions offers a unique combination of specialized psychological tests (personality, aptitude, and interests) in conjunction with client-oriented psychological exploration. This system measures students' relative strengths in several aptitude areas, indirectly explores their personal interests and preferences, and assesses personality traits related to satisfaction in different work environments. Based on a thorough analysis of these results, the vocational areas that satisfy these three factors are then selected. In addition, the method offers client-centered guidance based on the identified career options and the current stage of the student in his/her career development.

What Career Counseling Can and Cannot Do

Because of the fluid nature of the assessed characteristics, occupational testing cannot provide an ultimate answer for one's life career path. Career development is not a matter of making a single choice at a given point in time. It is often a difficult process that is complicated by the adolescents limited self-understanding, meager knowledge of the world of work, and limited work experience. Occupational testing can stimulate and facilitate this process by exploring students personal characteristics and matching them with specific work areas that may meet their interests and skill sets. It can be used as a vocational baseline starting point followed by a thorough exploration of the recommended occupations, projected industry job growth, training programs and requirements.


  • Full interest/vocational planning assessment - $1200
  • Full career assessment with written report - $1500 Occupational Therapy
  • Follow-Up Sessions $175 per session

Assessment Services are fee for service. However, many clients may have coverage with their health benefits such as employee and private health insurance plans, which offer full or partial coverage for services provided by a registered occupational therapist. Additionally, consider looking into Occupational Therapy as a tax-deductible medical expense.