Lifestyle Rehabilitation

A type of occupational therapy in which we help individuals to acquire healthy habits and routines across different lifestyle factors in order to improve their overall daily function, participation and quality of life, as well as to help the client develop the ability to improve the self management of whatever persistent condition they may have. Helping individuals participate in their daily meaningful activities that bring value and purpose to life.

Lifestyle Rehabilitation is an occupational therapy approach that addresses the clients occupational performance deficits that impact lifestyle choices or prevent them from carrying out desired activities/life plans.

Lifestyle Rehabilitation Objectives:

  • Address prevention and wellness services including chronic health issues such as: obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, persistent stress, mental health and aging; and how the Lifestyle Rehabilitation whole person approach can be addressed;
  • Discover the steps of the Lifestyle Rehabilitation therapeutic process which includes, creating and implement individualized treatment plans using this OT therapy approach across various settings.